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Tattoo Removal – AMG Aesthetics

Tattoo Removal

You may get a tattoo thinking you’ll have it forever, but fortunately, tattoos don’t have to remain permanent. Tattoo removal technology has evolved rapidly over the years. Treatment is now much more effective and much less painful for individuals who no longer want their ink. Whether you want to fade a tattoo over a few sessions so that you can create a canvas for new ink or you want to completely erase an old tattoo, laser tattoo removal at AMG Aesthetics can help.

Laser Hair Removal – AMG Aesthetics

Laser Hair Reduction

Are you sick of shaving, waxing, and plucking to manage unwanted hair? Laser hair reduction is a permanent alternative that can target hair anywhere on the face or body. With laser hair reduction, specific wavelengths of light damage hair follicles so that hair will no longer grow in the treated areas. Several treatments are needed to address hair follicles throughout their growth cycles. Following these sessions, results are mostly permanent. Modern laser technology has made laser hair reduction more effective for a wider range of patients with different skin tones and hair types.

Hair Restoration – AMG Aesthetics

Hair Restoration

Both men and women may experience hair loss, but with modern hair restoration treatments, the hair loss doesn’t have to be permanent. Microneedling for hair loss stimulates hair growth naturally by causing microscopic punctures along the scalp to promote new hair growth. Treatment can take as little as 10 minutes, and the scalp is numbed before the treatment session begins, so discomfort is minimal. Studies have shown that new hair growth is seen after the first session, and patients report a high rate of satisfaction with this procedure. Microneedling Hair Restoration results can be boosted by using specially extracted stem cell growth factors or our special Hair Rejuvenation Serum.

Immune System Infusion – AMG Aesthetics

IV Infusion

Feeling just a little off lately? IV infusion therapy can help you feel your best by supporting your immune system with essential nutrients that are delivered with a hydrating IV drip. IV infusion may help to address specific concerns, like fatigue and exhaustion, or it may simply improve your overall sense of wellness.

Vitamin Shots – AMG Aesthetics

B12 Lipotropic Shots

B12 is a nutrient that offers numerous benefits to the body, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Vitamin B12 shots have been linked to increased energy and other benefits. They can improve weight loss by assisting the body in breaking down fats and proteins for energy. B12 shots may even improve your mood, as vitamin B12 plays a role in the production of brain chemicals that regulate your mood and other brain functions. Lipotropic shots can also be combined with MIC (methionine, inositol and choline), as well as L-Carnitine, to increase fat burning benefits.


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