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Warm Sculpting

Balanced nutrition and exercise are essential for weight loss. However, even with the right diet and exercise routine, you may struggle with problem areas that just don’t ever seem to slim down. Sculpting is a non-invasive permanent fat destruction procedure that uses laser technology to warm fat cells and eliminate them from the body. Unlike traditional weight loss, which simply causes fat cells to shrink, Sculpting permanently destroys fat cells, so you can finally sculpt areas that you’ve failed to see results in before. This body contouring procedure is ideal for the tummy, love handles, back, and thighs. It’s also approved for submental use to tackle a stubborn double chin! There’s no downtime for treatment, which is comfortable and painless. Ideal candidates for Sculpting follow a healthy lifestyle and are close to their ideal weight, but may have difficulty toning specific problem areas.

Skin Tightening – AMG Aesthetics

Skin Tightening

After significant weight loss or pregnancy, you may struggle with loose, sagging skin that adds excess bulk to your frame. Skin tightening can help you achieve your ideal contours after you’ve worked so hard to lose weight. Non-invasive radiofrequency technology triggers the skin’s natural regenerative process to help the skin appear smooth, taut, and youthful. With new cell production and a collagen boost, you’ll notice a more sculpted appearance in treated areas after just a few weeks. We’ll recommend the right number of treatment sessions based on your goals and skin type. You can expect this body contouring treatment to be simple and comfortable, with no downtime afterwards.


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