Laser Hair Removal in Tucson, AZ

Unwanted facial or body hair is a nuisance that many people have learned to tolerate unnecessarily. Laser hair removal is a treatment that can eliminate the need for regular shaving, tweezing, and painful waxing appointments and will eliminate that unwanted hair and improve the health of your skin. We offer it here at AMG Aesthetics in Tucson, AZ, and it’s a safe treatment that will destroy the hair follicles in your treatment area so you can enjoy hair-free skin.


Laser hair removal treatments provide a permanent solution for those looking to reduce unwanted hair from the face and the body. Unlike other methods of hair removal, the laser device targets the source of hair growth at the hair follicle to prevent further hair growth, leaving you with smooth, hair-free skin. At AMG aesthetics, we use the Diode 808 laser, which has become the gold standard treatment option for those looking for permanent hair removal.

This laser system is superior to other options because it’s safe for all skin types and has built-in technology that delivers a specific amount of laser energy into the skin: no more or no less. As a result, it reduces the risk of post-treatment hyperpigmentation associated with many other laser devices intended for hair removal.

HOW IT WORKS The Diode 808 laser device delivers laser energy beyond the skin’s surface directly into the hair follicle. The laser is attracted to pigment, so it will focus on the pigmented hair in the follicle, leaving the surrounding tissue unharmed. As it does, it will heat the hair follicle to destroy it so that it can no longer grow healthy hair. A laser hair removal treatment plan requires multiple sessions because the device will only heat hair follicles in an active growth stage. Hair follicles go through different growth phases, and while many will be active during your treatment, others will be inactive. For that reason, you must schedule several sessions so that you can achieve uniform hair reduction in your treatment areas.


Our laser device delivers a versatile treatment, and we can customize plans to address unwanted or excess hair on both the face and the body. Some of the most common treatment areas include the face, arms, legs, back, chest, underarms, and bikini area.


Laser hair removal devices deliver a comfortable treatment process. Most patients describe the sensation as similar to a rubber band gently snapping the skin. All the advancements in laser technology have led to the development of devices that focus on maintaining patient comfort.

The Diode 808 laser has a built-in cooling device to maintain a comfortable skin temperature during treatment. Plus, treatment times are quick and only take a few minutes per treatment area, so not only will you be comfortable, but you will be in and out quickly.

What Are the Treatment Benefits?

There are many benefits to scheduling this treatment. First, it’s safe and effective. Once you undergo the recommended number of treatments, you will experience results and can enjoy them long-term. You won’t have to spend more time or money on at-home hair removal processes or schedule waxing treatments. You will no longer have to worry about razor burns, cuts, ingrown hairs, and inflammation, which are many common side effects of shaving, waxing, and tweezing. Post-treatment, you will feel more confident in the appearance of your skin, and if you have spent years feeling self-conscious about excess body hair in different areas, you will finally be free of it and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin.

Remove Unwanted Hair and Simplify Your Life

If you’re tired of spending time and money on at-home or in-office temporary hair removal treatments, it’s time to invest in a treatment that will deliver real results and improve your skin. We can answer any questions you have about this treatment process during an initial consultation and give you more details about what you can expect from the process and your unique treatment plan. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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